Bike Maintenance & Repair

What Makes Us Different

We are doing a lot of fun and interesting things at Night Owl Cycling, the mainstay of these is our Maintenance & Repair work. At the outset, NOC had no aspirations to compete directly with other bike shops in Kitsap County. We are fortunate to have some great local shops with helpful staff. You may be currently using one of these shops for your current bike maintenance, and if you are happy with your service then by all means keep that relationship going. NOC is hoping to fill the void in North Kitsap for a local bike shop that can provide quality bike maintenance (preventative bikecare) and repairs. Our shop does not sell bikes or clothing (except Night Owl logo wear, a must) and we can focus on the business of doing the best for your bike.

Night Owl Cycling is going about the bike business in different and innovative ways that better serve our customers, employees and community. One of these innovations is a concierge approach to bike repair. Our shop is located off of Old Hansville Hwy near Eglon. Admittedly, not the most convenient place for many of our North Kitsap/BI customers. To make it more convenient for you, NOC will pick up your bike from your house, business or pre-arranged location (located in North Kitsap/BI), perform the repairs or service required to your bike and return it to you. If only more things in life were this easy!

Once your bike arrives at our shop we will record all the pertinent information required to repair your bike, not just for that issue, but all the information that would allow us to quickly and more easily service your bike in the future. For instance, we will record your chain size, type and wear so we can get one ordered more quickly the next time you need a change and so that we can notify you over the following months, when you might want to consider changing the chain so that it doesn’t further wear on your drivetrain, requiring a more expensive repair. We will have this information on file and available to both you and us to be accessed as needed to stay on top of you bike related needs.


  • Standard Tune up - $85
    • Adjust hubs
    • Tru wheels
    • Lube chain
    • Adjust brakes
    • Adjust shifting
    • Adjust headset
    • Lube derailleur
    • Check all nuts & bolts

  • Basic Tune up - $50
    • Adjust hubs
    • Tru wheels
    • Lube cables
    • Lube chain
    • Adjust brakes
    • Adjust shifting


  • Brake Bleed - $30
  • Replace & install brake & shifting cables & housings (includes brakes and shifting adjustments) - $45


  • Flat Fix - $10
  • Spoke Replacement - starts at $15
  • Wheel Build - starts at $60
  • Lateral Wheel Truing - starts at $15


  • Replace Fork Seals (with oil) - $75
  • Service Rear Shock - starts at $25
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