Night Owl Landing

Night Owl Landing is home to Night Owl Cycling, the Silver Creek Lounge, camping, and the mountain bike resort. Kelly and Heidi bought 122.6 acres of forestry land in August 2016. Their home and shop are nestled in the middle of this land which boasts two large ponds, a swamp, and features Silver Creek that runs all the way to Eglon Beach. Kelly is busy carving out trails through the woods with his compact Kubota U17 excavator. We are building “trails for teaching”, filled with features to help you learn and master all the skills you need for mountain biking.

Kelly and Heidi finished building their home in December 2020 and are now focused on finishing the shop, the Silver Creek Lounge, and the trails. We look forward to sharing our vision with you as you drop off and pick up your bikes. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures and videos of our progress.

It's a lifestyle!