Brakes failing? Shifting is wonky? Chain is a gonner? No bounce in your fork? Flat tire? Squeaky saddle? Sticky dropper post?

Night Owl Cycling can help!

What Makes Us Different

The mainstay of our business is preventative bikecare, maintenance, & repair work for your bike. Our prices are competitive and we have an excellent mechanics department with decades of experience. If you have a great relationship with your current bike shop, that’s cool. Our community is wonderful and it’s best when we work together and support each other. That being said… we would love to have your business and show you how we’re different.

Complimentary Pick-Up And Delivery

Our shop is located on 122 acres of forestry land in Kingston. You are welcome to come out and drop off your bike, but if you prefer - we provide delivery between Bainbridge Island-Poulsbo-Hansville (North Kitsap trifecta). We will pick-up your bike from your house, business or pre-arranged location, perform the repairs or service required to your bike and return it to you. If only more things in life were this easy!

Safety Check - $30

  • Nuts and bolts tightened
  • Brakes checked

Basic Tune Up - $95 (Ebike - $115)

  • Adjust front/rear brakes
  • Adjust shifting (front/rear derailleurs)
  • Adjust wheel and headset bearings
  • Lube chain, brake, and shift cables
  • Light cleaning of bike

Deluxe Tune Up - $169 (Ebike - $189)

  • Basic Tune Up
  • +Change brake cables and housing if needed
  • +Change shifting cables and housing if needed
  • +Tru wheels, front and rear lateral and dish and round with tensiometer
  • +Full drivetrain installation and/or removal and clean (and reinstall)
  • +Thorough bike cleaning

Overhaul - Road Bike - $350

  • Deluxe Tune Up
  • +Replace handlebar tape
  • +Overhaul bottom bracket, headset and hubs with fresh grease and proper bearing preload
  • +Front and rear hydraulic brake bleed
  • +Tubeless tire setup or sealant refresh

Overhaul - Mountain Bike - $450

  • Deluxe Tune Up
  • +Pivot component replacement
  • +Service Front fork seals with oil
  • +Service Rear shock seals, wipers, oil
  • +Overhaul bottom bracket, headset and hubs with fresh grease and proper bearing preload
  • +Front and rear hydraulic brake bleed
  • +Tubeless tire setup or sealant refresh

Bike Fitting - $85

Having your bike fit you appropriately is key to having a positive riding experience. In Kelly’s 20+ year history as a physical therapist in Kitsap County, he has performed hundreds of bike fittings for both patients and individuals to address both injury and performance concerns. His clients range from casual recreational riders to Ironman competitors and endurance cyclists.

Custom Wheel Building

Your wheelset is one of the most important components of your bike. It significantly influences the performance and quality of your ride. Whether rebuilding a current set or building a set from scratch, NOC can help you create a wheelset that meets your desired needs. Strong and durable for the commuter or DH/Enduro rider; strong, but light for the road or cross country racer. Wanting a new set for your triathlon/TT bike? An aero wheelset can significantly improve your performance when time counts.

Full Custom Builds

Have you always wanted to build up that ideal bike of your dreams or put together that old frame you have been saving in the garage? NOC will work with you to select an appropriate frame (if you don’t already have one picked out), help you select the right parts, and either assemble if for you or work with you to build your dream. After your dream bike is built, we attend the inaugural ride with you to help fine tune the drivetrain or customize the suspension.

À La Carte

  • Brake Bleed - $35
  • Replace & Adjust brake cables and housings - $40 (front or rear) or $70 (both) (price includes cable and housings)
  • Replace & Adjust shifting cables and housings - $40 (front or rear) or $70 (both) (price includes cable and housings)


  • Flat Fix - $10
  • Tubes - $6 to $12 usually
  • E-Bike Flat Fix - $20
  • Spoke Replacement - starts at $15
  • Wheel Build - starts at $60
  • Lateral Wheel Truing - starts at $15


  • Service Fork Seals - $90
  • Service Rear Shock - $50

Rent The Shop

Ever wanted to work on your own bike but don’t have all the right tools? With NOC, you can “Rent The Shop” and have access to everything you need, including a handy mechanic in the building for guidance if you so desire.

All prices are for labor, unless otherwise specified. The prices for parts are separate and dependent upon your bike specifications. If you don’t see what you need listed it just means we don’t have the price listed. We fix prit near everything! Send a text, email or call if you need a quote for a repair you don’t see listed.

Still need some convincing? Check out our testimonials!